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Stay Healthy and Stylish, 5 Tips For Choosing Sunglasses To Ward Off UV Rays

Stay Healthy and Stylish, 5 Tips For Choosing Sunglasses To Ward Off UV Rays

Sunglasses are not only used to block out sunlight, but are also used as a fashion material.There are a lot of world class designers who have released a number of sunglasses that became a trend everywhere. One of them is Jimmy Choo that the design of his sunglasses has received wide attention from the public.

Jimmy Choo creates sunglasses which not only look stylish but also elegant and exclusive.His sunglasses are adorned with crystals and gemstone, with elegant and luxurious design which makes it a favorite for celebrities and socialites worldwide. Of course the price of sunglasses by Jimmy Choo are fairly high and cost a lot of money.

Stay Healthy and Stylish, 5 Tips For Choosing Sunglasses To Ward Off UV Rays
Stay Healthy and Stylish, 5 Tips For Choosing Sunglasses To Ward Off UV Rays

If you are a fan of sunglasses design you may opt for one of them as one of your fashion statements. But don’t forget other than for fashion complements, sunglasses also have other functions that should not be underestimated.

Wearing sunglasses is not just for style, but also protects the eyes from exposure to ultraviolet (UV) rays. Therefore, finding the right sunglasses is important, because not all glasses have the same protection.Not only during hot weather, even in cloudy conditions, exposure to ultraviolet (UV) rays may still be high.Like effect on the skin, UV rays can penetrate the eye at different depths. This of course can harm the lens and cornea.

Stay Healthy and Stylish, 5 Tips For Choosing Sunglasses To Ward Off UV Rays
Stay Healthy and Stylish, 5 Tips For Choosing Sunglasses To Ward Off UV Rays

Even though there are many choices on the market, there are some tips for choosing the right sunglasses to protect your eyes optimally from the dangerous sun rays, here are the tips that you need to try:

  1. Choose sunglasses with 100% UV protection

Jimmy Choo launched some sunglasses with guarantee that they can protect the eyes 100% from UV rays. Good sunglasses are giving 100 percent UV ray protection. In addition to choosing sunglasses because of their trendy style just like Jimmy Choo collection, make sure you buy sunglasses that are labeled “UV400” or 100% UV Protection.

  1. Choose Wide Size Sunglasses

There are some sunglasses with a size that is wide enough offered by Jimmy Choo. It turns out this is not just a part of style and fashion statement. The wider sunglasses, the better it is for UV protection. The bigger the circumference of your sunglasses, the better it is in the coverage to protect your eyes. So, if you are confused about the many choices of sunglasses, you should choose one that has a wide coverage lens.

  1. Make sure the sunglasses you buy are properly made and packaged

If you buy sunglasses from Jimmy Choo. This luxury item will be equipped with an exclusive packaging box. This serves to protect the sunglasses inside it which is designed with the best materials and guaranteed quality. FYI with good packaging and good material, the quality of these sunglasses will be guaranteed. The price is going to be more expensive but guarantees to protect your eyes from exposure to UV rays

  1. Opted for the polarized lens

Sunglasses with polarized lenses really help to lessen the hot sun’s beam.Such lens options also help you while driving, so that your vision is maintained.When buying glasses, check the label to make sure the lenses you buy provide maximum UV protection.

  1. It is recommended for you to opted the draker lense

Lens color and darkness do not indicate its ability to block UV rays.However, a darker colored lens can be used in a lighter environment.At least this will help reduce UV exposure in your eyes. For this, there is a large selection of dark sunglasses designed by Jimmy Choo that one of which is worthy of your choosing.

  1. Choose sunglasses with a wide enough frame

You might wonder why some sunglasses designed by Jimmy Choo come with a wide enough frame size. Well actually, this isn’t for fashion only. The type of frame affects the ability of the glasses to block UV rays from the side, as well as prevent sand and dust particles into the eye.Therefore, the next tip is to choose a large sunglasses frame that covers the eye especially in the side area.

You may fall in love with one of the sunglasses from Jimmy Choo. But make sure that these sunglasses are worth not only your money but also protect your eyes from damaged UV rays.